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Core Values

Core Values

Our Core Values, the principles that have guided us, have enabled our success and our ability to adapt and evolve. Because we are focused on working better together, redefining project success through achieving full airport staff engagement, and working to eliminate barriers between divisions and to create a more cohesive and coordinated workforce, we can deliver exceptional project outcomes. Since the time we developed the Core Values, we have successfully delivered $4 billion in airport projects, which has been accompanied by improved workplace morale, a strong focus on better serving our customers, as well as greater service to our communities. The process which led to the formation of our Core Values fed a 5-year strategic plan designed to infuse and instill those values into every aspect of our operations and development. The process also created our central mission, which continues to guide us to this day, and that is: To provide an exceptional airport in service to our communities. We feel our Core Values have evolved, and from what we have learned, we are making them stronger.