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Authorized Signatory Roles and Responsibilities

An Authorized Signatory’s Roles & Responsibilities at the Airport include but are not limited to: 


  • Verify employees’ I-9 documentation/identification requirements are from two separate lists (A, B, and/or C) in an acceptable combination for their Airport security background check. The Authorized Signatory must inspect and confirm that each employee’s two forms of government issued ID are valid and unexpired, prior to the employee arriving at the Security Access Office for Fingerprinting or Badge Renewal.  

  • Pre-enroll new applicants using the Authorized Signatory Portal.  For step-by-step instructions, please see the Authorized Signatory AIDMS Web Portal SOP Pre-Enrollment Process. It is best practice to pre-enroll an employee when they present their two IDs to you for inspection. If necessary, you can use the Badge Application Sample to gather all required information from the employee. This sample badge application is only to be used for capturing information for you to pre-enroll your employee, but the application itself should not be submitted to the Security Access Office. In addition, all employee information should be properly secured or archived. 

Employee Badging


  • Maintain employee badging rosters and serve as the primary contact for Airport badge audits.

  • Complete the Airport’s required badge and key audits by the assigned completion dates.

Employee Records

  • Maintain current company contact information such as company name, company mailing address, company email address, and company phone number to the Security Access Office.

  • Keep each employee’s contact information such as phone number, mailing address, and email address up-to-date in the Authorized Signatory Portal.

  • Keep track of each employee’s badge information, privilege approval dates, and employment status. 

Temporary Badging (T-Badge)

  • Submit 30-Day T-Badge Request Forms to 3 business days ahead of when the 30-Day T-Badge is needed.  

  • Ensure 24-Hour T-Badges are returned to the SAO or the SAO drop box by the end of the 24-hour badge issuance. 

  • Keep track of T-Badge usage so any specific person isn’t issued more than 4 T-Badges (this applies to a combination of both 24-Hour and 30-Day T-Badges) per rolling calendar year. An issued T-Badge is removed from the 4 T-Badge limit calculation 365 days after it was issued.

Terminations and Suspensions

  • Update the Security Access Office on changes of employment status for all employees. It is important to notify the Security Access Office the moment an employee resigns or is terminated, so that their badge is deactivated.

  • Return terminated employee badges with Badge Holder Termination Request forms to the Security Access Office within 3 business days of the termination.

  • Immediately call the Security Operations Center at 650.821.3914 to report the lost badge. Alternatively, you can also set the employee’s card status to Lost in the Authorized Signatory Portal. This will deactivate the lost badge. For step-by-step instructions on reporting, please see the Authorized Signatory AIDMS Web Portal SOP Badge Status Update.

  • Notify the Security Access Office on status changes of designated Authorized Signatories. If an Authorized Signatory is leaving their company or position, it is the responsibility of the departing Authorized Signatory and/or their company to designate a new Authorized Signatory. A company’s failure to maintain an active Authorized Signatory will result in employee badging delays, missed communication, and non-compliance.