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Green Team
As Earth Day approaches, SFO salutes the Environmental Policy & Sustainability team for keeping the Airport focused on its sustainability goals.
Green Fair
SFO held a Go Green Earth Day Celebration in the Aviation Museum on April 18th.
Green Fair
The Earth Day Celebration included a “fender blender” where employees could use bicycle power to blend healthy smoothies.
LT Garage
Airport Director Ivar C. Satero spoke at the opening of SFO’s new Long-Term Parking Garage.
LT Garage
The construction to extend the AirTrain from the terminals is visible from the connector between the old and new Long-Term Parking Garages.
Nursing Pod
COO Jeff Littlefield cut the ribbon at the opening of SFO’s new Mamava Lactation Pod in the International Terminal.
Nursing Pod
The pod is located pre-security on the G-side, by Freshen Up, and will serve the needs of nursing mothers.
SFO employees attended the annual Coro gala recently. Coro provides leadership training and SFO hosts Coro Fellows each year.
Andrew Scott
Congratulations to Andrew Scott, center, of SFO’s Communications Center for winning Dispatcher of the Year.
Happy Earth Day