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french bee
French bee airlines touched down at SFO on May 11th. The A350 will serve Paris, France and Papeete, Tahiti each three times per week.
Eoin Mannering
SFO’s 2017 William R. O’Brien Employee of the Year Award for Employee Excellence went to Eoin Manering with ITT.
Emily Chau
SFO’s 2017 Administrative Excellence Award went to Emily Chau with the Planning, Design and Construction department.
Wai Sing Fung
SFO’s 2017 Russell J. Mayweathers Award for Employee Excellence went to Custodial employee Wai Sing Fung.
Runway Team
SFO’s 2017 Safety and Security Excellence Award went to the Runway 28L Overlay Team.
SFO’s 2017 Team Recognition Award for Outstanding Team Performance went to the F$P Team.
SFO’s 2017 Service to Communities Award went to the MVP Committee for the Food Donation Program.
Working at SFO
The Airport welcomed more than 400 high school and college students and job seekers to its Working at SFO event on May 16th.
Armed Forces Day