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trip/loop fees

Fiscal Year 2014-2015


Taxis $5.00
Taxis (non-San Francisco based short trips) $5.00
Scheduled Buses $2.90
Share Ride Vans (all zones) $3.00
Share Ride Vans (all zones) not implementing Clean Vehicle Policy $8.70
Pre-arranged Vans $3.15
Pre-arranged Vans not implementing Clean Air Vehicle Policy $9.45
Charter Buses $3.25
Miscellaneous Ground Transportation $3.20
Off-Airport Parking Lot Shuttles $3.00
Off-Airport Parking Lot Shuttles not implementing Clean Vehicle Policy $8.85
Limousines $3.85
Hotel Courtesy Shuttles $2.95
Hotel Courtesy Shuttles not implementing Clean Vehicle Policy $8.85















     Fees may be paid by check and credit card (Visa/MasterCard/Discover).  
     Cash is not acceptable.