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Apply - Moratorium

Please note that there is a moratorium on Shared-Ride Permits and the Airport is not accepting new applicants.  The renewal information applies to existing Shared-Ride operators.


Shared Ride Permits expire on October 31 of each year. Annual renewal notices are emailed in early and renewal documents are due by August 14. There is an annual registration fee for each vehicle.  Scheduling and inspections take place in September and October. Outstanding trip fees and/or administrative fines must be paid prior to renewal.

Clean Vehicle Requirement    

One hundred percent of Shared Ride fleet must use Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). In addition, vehicles that more than 5 years old (based on production date) and/or have more than 500,000 miles will not be renewed.


If you are planning to cease operating from SFO, please complete the PDF iconTermination Request form. Once a permit is terminated, an operator must wait nine 9 months before reapplying.


Bonds & Deposits

The bonds are based on the equivalent of six months of trips and may be increased accordingly. Bonds may be paid by money order, cashier's check, Irrevocable Letter of Credit, and Faithful Performance Bond. Bonds and deposits are refundable after the termination of a permit. Any money owed to the Airport will be deducted from the bond.


Trip/Loop Fees



Annual Registration

Annual registration fees must be paid at the renewal of each type of permit and when adding a new vehicle to a fleet.



Temporary Identification Permit (TIP)



Operator Re-orientation Fee (for revoked or suspended permits)



Late Permit Renewal Fee (Non-Limousine)

30 days or greater from the annual renewal date (per permit) $200.00


Offsite Vehicle Inspection Service Fee (for fleets of 25 or more vehicles) 

  • Less than 20 miles away from SFO (per vehicle) $15.00
  • 20 miles or more (per vehicle) $30.00


Fees may be paid by check and credit card (Visa/Mastercard/Discover).  Cash will not be accepted.

Pick-up & Drop-off Locations

Pick-up areas are located at the designated red and white zones on the center island of the Arrival Levels for Domestic Terminals and International Terminals. 

The designated areas may be changed at the discretion of the Airport Director. All use shall only be permitted during the times designated by Airport Director.

Please contact the Ground Transportation Unit (GTU) at gtu@flysfo.com with questions. When emailing GTU, please indicate your Company name and TCP# (MCC, ICC, DOT,) in the “Subject” line.

For directions, visit: www.flysfo.com/maps.

Thank you for your cooperation with the Airport’s on-going program to ensure the safety and security of all SFO passengers.