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Serve Well Training


Serve Well - WelcomeSFO Serve Well Guest Services Training Program

In concert with SFO’s Travel Well program, the Serve Well Guest Services training program is a smart and creative approach to propel SFO to become the top-rated airport for service excellence.  This program offers expert techniques that will heighten guest satisfaction and loyalty and benefit all employees who directly work with the public.  These courses are available to all employees working at SFO at no cost.


Course Description (60 minutes each)

INTRODUCTORY COURSE: TRAVEL WELL AMBASSADOR - Understand and perform the Travel Ambassador role at SFO with confidence, enthusiasm and pride (see overview video).

WELCServe Well - EngageOME - Learn how to welcome our guests in a friendly and helpful manner to provide an exceptional airport experience.

ENGAGE - Engage our guests to ensure the traveler’s journey in a seamless way that enables you to serve well.

LEAD - Strive to be the best and lead from every position through knowledge and professionalism to create an innovative experience like no other in the world.

LIFT - Elevate our guest’s spirits with by surprising them with exceptional experiences and creating positive memories for them.  

IMPROV - Learn how to thrive in a fast-paced environment that is constantly changing.  This session focuses on listening, problem solving and adaptability.

CLOSING THE GENERATION GAP - 5 Generations in the Workplace - Each generation speaks their own language and we need to understand how to engage and empower each generation.

YOU MATTER: BUILD YOUR SELF CONFIDENCE - Confident people inspire confidence in others. Gaining the confidence of others is one of the keys to confident people finding success. Join us to prepare for and initiate your journey as you accelerate toward success!

Serve Well - Lead

COMMUNICATION SURVIVAL GUIDE - The ability to communicate is essential in every job. Join us to identify your behavioral type, discuss what can get in the way of effective communication and learn new strategies to connect with others with different behavioral styles. Let’s discover your behavioral style! 

COMMUNICATION ACROSS CULTURES - Discover cultural differences via high and low context cultural factors, and learn to recognize how those differences can impact our communication efforts, and how to overcome them. 

CONCESSIONS & BEYOND CRITICAL SELLING SKILLS - Service Friendly Experience! In the world of airport concessions, it’s all about $ale$! Master the art of sales including upselling and add on sales in this fun and interactive session. Learn about customer touch points, identifying needs and creating a memorable experience. 

FEARLESS FEEDBACK - Are you crushing this skill, or do you need some help? In this session for Team Leaders and above, you will assess your feedback skills, learn to follow the SBI Feedback Model (Situation, Behavior, Impact), and role play with real situations to provide effective feedback.

COACHING IN THE MOMENT! *Supervisors* - Coaching is an ongoing process of communication that focuses on improving current performance and building relationships. In this class we will discuss the difference between coaching and discipline. 

WIIFM? *All Employees* - How many times have we asked ourselves, “What’s in it for Me?” This class is about finding out the answer to that age old question. 

All courses are available in two versions – one for ALL EMPLOYEES and the other for TEAM LEADERS.

Training Location – unless otherwise noted in the registration, courses are held in the SFO Training Room, 4th Floor, International Terminal.


BenefitsServe Well - Lift

Professional customer service training and experience.

Familiarization with the airport, its vision, mission promise and most importantly, its guests.

Improved confidence level.

Practical skills.

Relevant topics.

Recognition and certification upon course completion.


Schedule & ReServe-Well---SFO-Improvgistration

Visit the Serve Well Schedule & Registration page and select the session you wish to attend.  Current and following month training dates are posted.

Click on the corresponding RSVP FOR THIS EVENT button.

Complete the requested information.

Click the ADD button to complete your registration. 

Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email and directions to the location before the actual training day.

For technical difficulties with registration, email us here.