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Plastic-Free July at SFO

Join millions of people, including our SFO community, in the global Plastic Free July movement to reduce plastic waste

plastic free collage

Did you know that single-use plastic products last 500+ years and pollute our health, wildlife, oceans, and environment? Unfortunately, plastic has been found in marine life, birds, and even in rain and snow. This is why SFO is committed to doing its part and advancing its zero waste goal by launching our Zero Waste Concessions program in 2019, which eliminates single-use plastic bottled water and single-use plastic food to-go boxes and utensils.  
There are many simple switches we can each make in our homes and at work to reduce plastic waste. Check out these simple Plastic Free Hacks (aka tips!) shared by our SFO family, which is a follow up on Sustainability Hacks, that was launched in April to celebrate Earth Day. For more hacks, check out the recording of the Zero Waste Hacks virtual event, launched as part of the Zero Hero Speakers Series. If you haven't taken the TAKE50 Challenge, you can still sign up here to commit to sustainable changes that work for you AND our planet!  
Simple Plastic-Free Hacks  
Consider replacing single-use disposable (plastic) items with:

  • Reusable/refillable water bottles and/or beverage mugs
  • Soap/shampoo bars
  • Beeswax wrap (instead of plastic food wrap)
  • Compostable cotton swabs
  • Cloth coffee filter
  • Hand soap and cleaner tablets (dilute in water in reusable pump)
  • Compostable silk floss
  • Cloth mask/face covering & DIY reusable hand sanitizer (aloe + alcohol + tea tree oil)

During this pandemic, masks and PPE protect our health and community, but they can also contribute to ocean pollution, so please dispose of these single-use items in the landfill trash bin. When possible, opt for reusable options such as a washable cloth mask or face covering. Reusables will once again be on the rise - thanks to recent CAL/OSHA guidance on the safe use of reusable bags in grocery stores. 

Over 100 scientists agree that reusable products are safe for use. So reconsider reusables this Plastic Free July by making the switch today with your favorite (or all of the above) plastic-free hack(s)!