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Plane Spotting


Welcome to Plane Spotting, a series designed to educate employees about the various types of aircraft in operation at the Airport.  Each entry of Plane Spotting will feature a specific aircraft type and will cover a range of basic statistics that will help enhance recognition and general knowledge for that plane.  Among the provided information will be specific identifying features, general range information, cities served, and who operates the featured aircraft at SFO. 


Featured Plane:  Boeing 747

United 747

SFO Plane Spotting Events

Plane SpottersSFO holds monthly plane spotting events near the Aiport.   For Plane Spotting event information, visit:  http://www.flysfo.com/content/plane-spotting-event-sfo.   
Plane Spotting events should be attended on personal time.  Please plan accordingly and get your supervisor’s approval prior to event.

Previous Featured Planes

Plane Spotting #2: B777

Plane Spotting #1:  A380