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Introducing the #Mobile Passport App

Expedite your entry process into the U.S.

SFO is one of only five airports in the United States to offer Mobile Passport Control express lanes in its Federal Inspection Area.

Mobile Passport enables eligible travelers to submit their passport and customs declaration information via their smartphone instead of the traditional paper form.  Travelers can simply download the Mobile Passport app from the app store and set up a profile with their passport data.  The app is highly secure and available at no cost.

When a traveler is preparing to enter the U.S., the traveler completes the “New Trip” section of the app: selecting arrival airport and airline, taking a “selfie” photo, and answering standard Customs and Border Protection (CBP) customs declaration questions.  Upon arrival, the traveler uses the app to submit this information along with the profile data to CBP.  

After reviewing the submission, CBP may send a digital, secure bar-coded receipt to the traveler’s smartphone via the app.  The traveler then proceeds through the arrivals area, following the Mobile Passport Control signs until prompted by CBP to place their digital bar-coded receipt on the barcode scanner and presenting their passport to a CBP officer.  Unless further inspection is necessary, the passenger then exits the arrivals area.

For more information, visit http://mobilepassport.us/.

The Mobile Passport express lanes will be available at SFO on July 16, 2015.  In April, SFO introduced the Automated Passport Kiosks.  Both programs help eligible travelers expedite the federal arrival process.

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