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Happy, Healthy and Hopeful

SFO’s Sustainability and Wellness teams recently joined forces to provide a virtual “Healthy, Happy & Hopeful Hour” in honor of the world’s 50th Earth Day and in lieu of hosting an in person annual SFO “Go Green” Earth Day celebration. This event aimed to support and uplift employees to stay Well and Green during COVID-19 by providing tips and resources regarding safety, nutrition, telecommuting, childcare, and sustainability tips, and by placing a spotlight on our champion employees  that serve our community during this difficult time.

Here you will find the video recording of the virtual event, as well as links to additional resources that can help you better care for yourselves, your communities, and your environment. To health, happiness, and hope!

Happy, Healthy & Hopeful Hour Video

Happy, Healthy & Hopeful Presentation


Physical Activity

Mindfulness and Meditation

Health and Nutrition


Sustainability at Home

Managing Work Remotely


Managing Remote Employees


Balancing Caretaking


Support Local Communities

#Take50 Challenge