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SFO’s West-of-Bayshore property supports two species of frogs.

Sierran Treefrog (Pseudacris Regilla)

The Sierran Treefrog is known to be heard croaking loudly at night.  It is surprising that they have such a loud voice because they are rather small. In fact, but some adults Treefrogs can fit on a quarter. These frogs come in many colors including green and brown, but always have a dark “eyebrow” stripe. They are called treefrogs because they have sticky pads on their toes and can climb smooth surfaces.

California Red-Legged Frog (Rana Draytonii)

This threatened species looks like a classic frog, but they are often bright red on the underside of their legs. These frogs can grow up to six inches and most likely are the celebrated jumping frogs of Calaveras County that Mark Twain wrote about.