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Fiscal Year 2016-2017

Administrative Fines - $100 to $1,250
If a Permittee defaults under any of the terms specified in the Permit, the City may elect to impose Administrative Fines based on the specific violation(s) as listed in the Permit.

Missed Scheduled Appointment Fee - $100
A Missed Scheduled Inspection Appointment Fee is charged if an operator misses or is 15 minutes late for a mechanical inspection appointment. An inspection appointment must be cancelled 24 hours prior to the inspection in order to waive the missed appointment fee.

Failed Inspection Fee - $125
Failed Inspection Fee is charged if a vehicle fails a mechanical inspection.

Late Inspection Fee - $250
All vehicles that are not inspected within their inspection window as stated in the renewal timeframe are charged a Late Inspection Fee.

Lost Transponder/Decal 
There is no Lost Transponder and/or Decal Fee.  A Police Report has to be filed with the Police Department for all lost or stolen transponder/decals. The Police Case Number MUST be provided in order to receive a replacement transponder and/or decals. Additionally, for Lost/Stolen Transponders a timely notification MUST be made to GTU and as a reminder that the operator will still be held responsible to all fees/fines related to the transponder (if any) until it is properly deleted on their record.

***For Damaged Transponders/Decals, a windshield and/or bumper replacement receipt must be provided in order to receive a replacement transponder and/or decals.

Bounced Check/Insufficient Funds Fee - $50
There is a fee for all bounced checks.


     Fees may be paid by check and credit card (Visa/MasterCard/Discover).  
     Cash will not be accepted.