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Employee Recognition Survey

Dear Focus Group Volunteer:

Thank you for your interest in participating in this focus group activity.

What is focus group research?

It is a form of qualitative research in which a group of people are asked about their perceptions, opinions, and attitudes toward a product, service, concept, advertisement, idea or packaging.

In this case, I am looking for 100 volunteers to participate in a 90 – minute focus group discussion.

The objective of this focus group research is to gain insight regarding ways to improve the existing Airport employee recognition program. The topics for volunteer discussion will include the basis for recognizing employees, frequency of recognition, as well as, suggestions for overall best practices.

If you are interested in participating, please answer the following questions:

6. Classification/Title? (please list)

8. Name, telephone number:

Thank you for your time. I will contact you in the next few weeks about your responses. In the meantime, if you have questions about this process or focus groups in general, please call me at 1x3588 or email me at gloria.louie@flysfo.com.


Gloria Louie
SFO EEO, Organizational Development
& Training Programs