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COVID-19 FAQ: Work Duties

Will I be assigned different duties during the Shelter-in-Place Order?

All City and County employees are designated by both State and City law as Disaster Service Workers ("DSW"). When the Mayor declares a citywide emergency, all City and County employees serve as DSWs.

The Department of Emergency Management has activated its Emergency Operations Center (EOC), a multi-agency hub designed to manage emergencies. As part of the EOC, DHR will contact employees through its emergency notification system to advise them of whether and when to report to DSW duty. You may be needed to perform general duties such as clerical support, damage assessment, driving, food preparation, sorting, packing, or loading.

SFO is considered essential infrastructure. This requires SFO to continue operations. Employees performing essential services must still report to work, and those that can perform their work remotely must continue to do so. The City has asked departments to prioritize essential services and shift support and personnel to support those services. You may also be asked to change assignments and duties to prioritize the Airport’s operations during this state of emergency. Your supervisor may will be in touch with you about any changes in your assignments or other duties.