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COVID-19 FAQ: Wellness

How can I stay healthy during a global pandemic?

  • Top Site: World Health Organization Guidance for the Public

  • Overview: Beyond washing your hands and workstations often to protect your health, the following list offers additional wellness measures to consider during your remote workday.

    • Move your body & take frequent breaks: Follow the American Heart Association Guidelines (linked below), which emphasize that adults should move more and sit less and exercise for 150-300 minutes throughout the week. How? Trade your former commute time for exercise, stand or walk during calls if you can, move while at your desk (feet tapping welcome!), or take active screen breaks around your home or block. Remember that it is OK to go outside for walks or bike rides if you are not in a group, per the Public Health Order here.

    • Pack your pantry to power up: Simplify snack time by maximizing healthy choices available in your pantry or fridge. Stock-up on fruit and veggie options during this time to fuel your new movement-focused workday.

    • Manage for mindfulness and mental health: Take the time to clear your mind through breathing exercises (breathe in, shrugging your shoulders up and say “let”; out forcefully, relaxing your shoulders and say “go” ), deleting unused or unproductive apps, sharing gratitude with others, documenting your daily accomplishments, and listening thoughtfully (to your partner, roommate, co-worker or even nature-based music).

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Is the Employee Assistance Program still available during the Shelter-in-Place Order?

Yes. Employee Assistance Counselors are available for individual confidential telephone counseling and consultations.

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is dedicated to significantly contributing to a healthier work environment and employee well-being.

Contact 415.554.0610 or 800.795.2351.