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COVID-19 FAQ: Transportation

How have the transportation options to/from SFO changed?

If I currently participate in the ECO Program, what options do I have during COVID-19?
During this unprecedented time, SFO will be flexible with its alterative transit leaders participating in ECO. Looking ahead, should the pandemic continue beyond April, employees may pursue these options:

  • Option 1: If commuting to work, and using alternative transit – No change, ECO will remain in place. Please review the above information on transportation for access to current service schedules and guidance on social distancing while taking transit.

  • Note that if you wish to drive during your shift, you are not currently required to get a green discounted voucher book from the Parking Office. All employees without a parking permit should:

    • Upon entry: pull a ticket, and

    • Upon exit: Show (not hand) badge and driver’s license to the cashier. You will be charged $7 (credit card only, no cash) to park in the domestic or long-term garage for that day.

  • Option 2: If commuting to work, but uncomfortable using transit - Employees can request a temporary parking permit. These employees will not receive ECO payment for the month of April because they have been issued the parking permit.

  • Option 3: If teleworking - employees who have opted to telecommute will not receive ECO payment for that month since they are not commuting to/from work.

  • Option 4: Opt-out - Employees can opt to end participation in ECO and reenroll at a later date.