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COVID-19 FAQ: Prioritizing Social Distancing at Work

How can I maximize “social distance” in the workplace?

  • Top Site: CDC Keeping Workplaces, Schools, Homes and Commercial Establishments Safe (printable)

  • Tips: To prevent workplace exposures, reduce transmission among employees, and maintain a healthy work environment, employees and supervisors/managers are encouraged to consider the following activities:

    • Transportation: For employees that often pair up in city vehicles, go passenger-free for now and check to see if other pool vehicles are available.

    • Schedule and Environment: For office environments, supervisors/managers might want to consider rotations and staggering of work hours across their workforce, alternate work locations, or erecting physical barriers to reduce contact.

    • Meetings: Meetings should occur via phone and videoconferencing, whenever possible. If not, hold meetings in open, well-ventilated spaces. All large meetings should be postponed.

    • Touch-Points: Revamp procedures and operations to minimize shared touchpoints, and regularly disinfect any shared surfaces and equipment.

    • In-Person Greetings: Avoid physical contact such as shaking hands.