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Klein's Deli: 'Good Eats, Neighborly Service'

Avery McGinn, the owner of Klein's Deli, operates by the slogan "Good Eats Neighborly Service," a motto she has imparted to her employees that has brought her business boundless success. Klein's Deli has evolved from a small, local San Francisco deli to a long-standing SFO tenant that displays the same neighborly service at its two SFO locations.

Before opening at the Airport, Klein's Deli was well known in the City's Potrero Hill district for 27 years. Avery managed the Deli and prepared sandwiches alongside its owner, Deborah Klein. In 1990, Avery bought the business from Deborah and kept the restaurant's original name and concept. Klein's Deli names its sandwiches after San Francisco neighborhoods. The Mission and Potrero Hill are its most popular cold sandwiches followed by a hot sandwich, the Fillmore.

A Warm Community Environment

Avery's early experience and training with Deborah Klein shaped her business philosophy and she attributes her success at SFO to the ability to bring a similar warm community environment vibe to the Airport. "Klein's Deli is about neighborhood and community, so I strive to bring that to the Airport along with our signature sandwiches and salads," said Avery McGinn.

Avery began her career at SFO in 1992 by managing (when she applied for and was awarded a lease to take over the operations of an existing business) Crossroads Café, which was located in Terminal 3. While the restaurant was already established, Avery had the unique opportunity to implement Klein's Deli's philosophy. "I had a very easy introduction to the Airport. The hard part was convincing the Airport that I was the right person for the job," said Avery McGinn. In 2004, when SFO decided to shift its focus to encourage local, small businesses, Avery's prior experience aligned perfectly with the Airport's goals and she was awarded a lease to operate the first Klein's Deli at SFO.

Benefits of Networking with Tenants

After 23 years of airport experience, Avery welcomes additional responsibilities and was the President of the Airport Restaurant Employers Council for more than 4 years. She enjoys giving back to the SFO community. Based on experience, she advises new tenants to network with the existing ones who can help them walk through difficulties and share the benefits of operating at SFO. "Operating at an airport is very different than operating at a street location. New tenants have a lot to learn and there's no better way to do that than from an existing tenant," offered Avery McGinn.

Visit Klein's Deli's two locations in Terminal 3 near Gates 62 and 83 and enjoy its unique, fresh delicious sandwiches that are distinctively named after San Francisco neighborhoods based on their craft and taste.