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Leo Fermin
Leo Fermin
Chief Business & Finance Officer

Airport Start Date: July 1986

CCSF Start Date: July 1986

What is your education and/or work experience? B.A. Economics – University of San Francisco;  MBA – University of Hawaii

Who are your direct reports? Gary Franzella, Cindy Nichol, Cheryl Nashir, Sandra Crumpler, Gerardo Fries, Andree Mouton

What is your section responsible for? Airline and Aviation services, business, concessions, passenger services, accounting, capital finance, budget rates and charges, public and employee parking, public wi-fi, small business outreach.

What is your favorite thing about SFO? People in the organization.

What is your favorite thing about San Francisco?  Diversity of eating places.

Where is your favorite place for vacation?  Honolulu, Hawaii

What are your favorite hobbies or sports? Fishing, walking my dog, watching movies