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Geoff Neumayr
Geoff Neumayr
Chief Development Officer

Airport Start Date:  August 2011

What is your education and/or work experience?  I received a Bachelor of Science degree in Architectural Engineering from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.  I am a registered licensed Civil & Structural Engineer.  I have been in the design & construction industry for nearly 30 years.

What are your favorite things about SFO?  My favorite thing about SFO is the people who work here and there passion for making SFO an exceptional Airport.

What are your favorite things about San Francisco?  Besides being where I was born, I love the fact that San Francisco is such an innovative and creative city and is so open to new ideas.

Where is your favorite place for vacation?  Lake Tahoe

What is your favorite charity?  My favorite charity is Tri-Valley Haven which provides a safe place for those who are threatened by violence and need protection.

Do you do any volunteer work?  Being a father of four children my volunteering has been centered on their activities and includes coaching their athletic teams and assisting at their school.

What are your favorite hobbies or sports?  I love baseball and our San Francisco Giants.  I also still have not let go of my childhood hobby of building Lego's.  I just now build custom Lego buildings that I design myself.

What books are you currently reading?  Engineers Dreams by Henry Petrosky