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All Ways Safe

The San Francisco Police Department
Vehicle Inspection
Airport employees conduct vehicle inspections on the airside
The San Francisco Fire Department participates in the annual Emergency Exercise
Cyber Security
Cyber security
Traffic Enforcement
SFPD traffic enforcement monitors the curb
The Emergency Operations Center
FOD Walk
Airport employees remove Foreign Object Debris (FOD) from the runways
Custodial staff disposes of hazardous waste

All ways safe. Alert. Mindful. Aware.

SFO is Our Airport

And you are the eyes and ears of your airport.  If you see suspicious activity or something that seems off, you can dial 9-1-1 from any phone at the airport, including your own.  So, if you see something, then say something and phone it in.

For non-urgent matters, or if you prefer to remain anonymous, you may call the TSA Tip Line at 1-844-MY-ARPRT, or 1-844-692-7778.  You may also email tips to TSA-ContactCenter@TSA.dhs.gov.

Unsafe vs. Safe

Safe Postcard 1    Safety Postcard 2

Can you spot the safety issues with the pictures above? More than 350 SFO and tenant employees dropped by the Safety Table at the Safety Fair and took their turns spotting the safety hazards on the new All Ways Safe postcards.  15 winners were able to spot all of the hazards.  

Spot The Hazards Winners

Can you spot the hazards? 

Unsafe vs Safe

Do you have a safety concern or observation?  Email the Airport's Safety, Health & Wellness Office at SHWOffice@flysfo.com.