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Airfield Operations Training

SFO and the Airport community are experiencing unprecedented times.  In order to comply with Federal, CDC, City and County and Airport directions for social distancing and reduced exposure Airfield Operations will immediately cease operating any in person training classes.  New testing procedures are posted below.  This is a temporary measure to help keep our Staff and Tenants safe.  At this time all classes will be suspended through Friday, September 4, 2020.  Should this change an announcement will be sent to all Authorized Signatories and posted on this page.

This current policy will only apply to badge endorsement renewals for badges expiring prior to September 21, 2020.

New Procedures for Corrective Driver Training:

  • Corrective Driver training is a mandated course for employees who have received a driving infraction citation.
  • This course has been offered once a month on the 3rd Tuesday.
  • Classes for the months of July and August have been cancelled.  The next available class date is Tuesday September 15th.
  • There will be no penalty or badge revocation associated with delayed attendance through August.

New Procedures to obtain a Movement Area Operator “M” endorsement:

  • All new and renewal endorsements will need to successfully complete two (2) free online training courses: AOPA Mastering Radio Communications – Say It Right and AOPA Runway Safety
  • These AOPA courses must be completed within 30 days of your endorsement request.  An AOPA completion certificate for each course with the employees name will be required to request the “M” endorsement.
  • A company Authorized Signatory or recognized Trainer will then need to submit a MAO request online via the below link.  All fields must be accurately completed and three (3) attachments are required for the request.
  • Once requested the form and attachments will be reviewed by authorized staff and an Approval or Denial email will be sent.
  • If approved the employee needing the endorsement will be able to continue through the normal Security Access Office (SAO) badging protocols.  SAO staff will be able to electronically verify “M” approval; you will not need to bring any forms to the SAO.

Any questions regarding the above training should be sent via email to

To submit a Movement Area Operator endorsement request:

Training and Announcement resources:

AOPA Mastering Radio Communications – Say It Right 

AOPA Runway Safety