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The Cleveland sage is the July 2015 Plant of the Month. The Cleveland sage or Salvia clevelandii is a California native shrub. It grows in the wild on sunny and rocky slopes in the soft chaparral of Central California south to Baja. Cleveland sage produces an abundance of fragrant silver leaves and beautiful blue flowers that are extremely attractive to people and bees. The Cleveland sage is an excellent addition to any drought tolerant garden. Cleveland sage is planted throughout the Airport grounds, especially the outbound 101 road, the Airfield Operations building and on the Bay Trail.
The plant of the month for June is the Blue Puya, or Puya alpestris . Blue Puya is native to the Chilean Andes. It is a tough plant that thrives in hot, dry locations with good drainage. The plant has silvery green spiny leaves that grow in a rosette. It can grow to reach 3 to 4 feet wide. When the plant is mature, usually 6 to 8 years old, it produces an unusual and stunning flower spike with blue flowers with orange stamens - a truly spectacular sight! This Puya grows in the planted area on McDonnell Road, near the north end of the fuel and wash area of the Rental Car Center. There are many...
Avery McGinn, the owner of Klein's Deli, operates by the slogan "Good Eats Neighborly Service," a motto she has imparted to her employees that has brought her business boundless success. Klein's Deli has evolved from a small, local San Francisco deli to a long-standing SFO tenant that displays the same neighborly service at its two SFO locations. Before opening at the Airport, Klein's Deli was well known in the City's Potrero Hill district for 27 years. Avery managed the Deli and prepared sandwiches alongside its owner, Deborah Klein. In 1990, Avery bought the business from Deborah and kept...
SFO mourns the loss of Maria Lourdes Soza, an employee of the Subway food and beverage facility in Terminal 3. Maria was slain by a stray bullet outside the family’s duplex in the Bayview neighborhood on January 28, 2015 while her three children stood just a few feet away. She was employed by Subway for the past eight years and the last position she held was Assistant Manager. “Everybody loved Maria because she was very friendly,” remarked Soza’s sister, who is also named Maria and is the SFO Subway Manager. “She treated customers like family. She was a very hard working woman and always...
The Sunflower is July 2014 Plant of the Month. The Sunflower reminds us of summer days and happy times. Sunflowers are easy to grow as they grow rapidly and can easily reach a height of 6 feet in just three months’ time. Sunflowers grow best in a sunny location, and once they get started, they are drought tolerant. A distinguishing feature of the Sunflower is the flower head tracks the movement of the sun. Sunflowers are an important agricultural crop worldwide. A single flower can produce up to 2,000 seeds which are used for making cooking oil, medicine, paint, animal feed, biodiesel as well...