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SFO Superhero of the Week

Do you sometimes think your coworker is channeling the powers of a Superhero? All of us at SFO have been stepping up during these unprecedented times, whether you’re navigating the challenges of boosting team morale in the telecommuting world, cleaning every touch surface at the Airport, or working as a DSW to serve the homeless at a hotel.

That’s why SFO has decided to launch our Superhero of the Week Award. Starting July 23rd, we will honor an individual or team who has demonstrated exemplary service in one or more of our Core Values of Care, Safety & Security, Excellence and Teamwork as it relates to our COVID-19 recovery efforts.

Anyone can nominate a Superhero by submitting a short video to and The nominator should explain in 30 seconds or less why they chose this particular person(s) and how that person has risen to the occasion during this pandemic.

All entries will be considered and reviewed by Airport Director Ivar Satero and COO Jeff Littlefield who will choose the winners. Ivar or Jeff will present winners with certificates and superhero masks, handcrafted by our MVP Team Leader Hazelle Fernandez.

Nominators will receive notification if their nominees have been selected as winners and will be expected to submit video/photos of their nominee in action. For example, Jenny nominates Eric because he created physical distancing stickers in record time. Jenny takes video/photos of Eric with the stickers, the stickers themselves, and people placing the stickers in the terminals. The nominator will be expected to videotape or arrange for someone to videotape Ivar/Jeff’s presentation on a smartphone. All video/photos must be submitted to Tara Moriarty and Jeff DelRio. An effort will be made for presentations to occur in front of the winner’s co-workers.

All video clips will be compiled into a short video (less than one minute in length) to be posted on SFOConnect. Requirements & tips for shooting video from your cell phone:

  • You MUST turn your cell phone horizontally or to landscape mode for all video/photo submissions. Videos shot vertically will not be accepted.
  • Turn your smart phone setting for video to “4K” if available.
  • When shooting your video selfie, make sure you are in a well-lit setting.
  • If shooting your message outside, make sure you are in a quiet spot and that there is no wind or loud noises.

If you have any other questions or require assistance, please reach out to your Section and/or your MVP liaisons who are listed on the attached document.