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Pedestrian Safety on Airport Roadways

Pedestrians have recently been observed jaywalking across busy Airport roadways at multiple locations. Specifically, San Francisco International Airport (SFO) employees have been observed using the Central Parking Domestic Garage emergency exits to cross roadways as a shortcut to and from the Domestic Terminals.

This Notice serves as a reminder and warning to all SFO employees that jaywalking is a safety issue and violators will be cited by the San Francisco Police Department - Airport Bureau (SFPD-AB).

SFO is committed to pedestrian and traffic safety on Airport roadways. To support this effort, we have recently enacted a Pedestrian Safety Stakeholder Taskforce to report strategies that help build safer roads, educate the Airport community, and enforce pedestrian safety. The objective is to create a culture that prioritizes traffic safety and addresses any deviations on our roadways to prevent serious injuries or loss of life as safety and security remain the Airport’s first priority.

Please keep in mind that unsafe behavior on the roadway by motorists or pedestrians is a serious matter.  If you have any questions, you may call Annie Chung, Senior Transportation Planner at 650. 821.6515.