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New Report Shows Why SFO is a Sustainability Leader Among Airports

Annual report highlights progress during pandemic, achieving multiple industry firsts

San Francisco International Airport (SFO) released its annual Zero Annual Report, summarizing continued progress towards “triple-zero”… zero waste going to landfill, zero net energy facilities, and zero carbon operations. Even during the pandemic, SFO continues to make significant strides across its long-standing sustainability efforts and remains an industry leader in this regard.

Highlights from the latest report, now available online, include:

  • A 14% reduction in energy usage from a 2013 baseline
  • A 39% reduction in carbon emissions from a 1990 baseline
  • Leading the industry in Sustainable Aviation Fuel pipeline deliveries direct to aircraft
  • Receiving green building certification for five facilities, including Harvey Milk Terminal 1, which was the first airport terminal in the world to receive FitWel certification, and related awards, for healthy design
  • Installing photovoltaic panels capable of generating 2.1 megawatts of solar power for campus use
  • Eliminating the production, use and disposal of 4 million plastic water bottles through SFO’s Zero Waste Concessions Program
  • Diverting 100,000 plastic gloves from the landfill through a recycling pilot program with the TSA
  • Installing 84 new charging ports to enable the electrification of ground support equipment
  • Deploying a new leak detection and smart water monitoring system to save 3.5 million gallons of water

To access the full Zero Annual Report, please visit: