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Hard to believe it has been a year of being physically distant, wearing masks, washing our hands, and in some cases working remotely. Gasp!

Do you miss connecting with and meeting your colleagues and friends? Do you miss the impromptu water cooler discussion and sharing milestones?

If so, the Internal Marketing/Communications/Outreach Recovery Team in partnership with the MVP Committee and ITT are launching two new ways to help you stay connected with your colleagues on MS Teams:

Digital Conversations - share articles, news or information and start a discussion about relevant topics or just something of interest.

Hoots and Salutes - recognize and celebrate your colleagues!

Create an announcement or share and celebrate milestones, anniversaries, special events, etc. You can easily add these new functions as channels to any Team/Resource Group in MS Teams. It’s a chance to recognize each other’s good work as well as a chance to share interesting stories with your team members. Your posts are encouraged to be creative, fun, informative, and motivating. The uses and possibilities are endless. Everyone is welcome, so whether you are working remotely or on-site, start a conversation or give a shout out!

Instruction for creating and using these channels are below.


If you have any questions about MS Teams, please contact SFO Helpdesk by submitting an Online Helpdesk ticket.