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COVID-19 – Temperature Screening

As part of the Airport COVID-19 Health and Safety Plan, in accordance with the San Francisco Department of Human Resources (DHR) guidance, “Requirements for Conducting Health Screenings for Employees” updated June 2, 2020, departments with employees whose work or activities offer a potentially increased risk of exposure to COVID‑19 must conduct temperature screening of these employees before allowing them to start work each day.

Who Requires Temperature Screening

Temperature screening is required for employees whose job duties require a potentially increased risk of exposure to the COVID-19 virus, including the following:

  • employees who may not always be able to maintain six feet of physical distancing while working;
  • employees who work in public spaces and/or with the public; and
  • employees who work in the field. 

The workgroups that fall into these requirements have been notified.

Temperature Screening Procedure

  • Temperature screening will be conducted by a designated section staff member using a non-contact thermometer.
  • Supervisors will inform their staff where the temperature screening area is located.
  • Beginning Monday, June 15th, at the start of their shift, employees should gather at least six feet apart outside the screening location while wearing their face coverings.  Employees do not have to arrive early.
  • Staff who must enter the building at a time other than their normally scheduled start time should contact their supervisor prior to arrival to ensure someone is available to conduct the screening. 
  • Employees with on-site temperature readings at or above 1000F will be denied access to the workplace and sent home.  They may return when they are able to meet the return-to-work criteria.  See attachment.  Human Resources will coordinate with the employee on how to comply with this protocol.  Specific temperature readings will not be recorded.

Employees who refuse to participate in the screening will not be allowed to enter the workplace.  A refusing employee will receive a specific notice explaining these mandatory safety requirements, which are essential employment conditions during this pandemic.  Should the employee continue to refuse, they may be sent home on accrued leave, other than sick leave (except for any time spent in the workplace prior to the screening).  The City will proceed with termination of employment without progressive discipline for employees who refuse to comply with the requirement a second time.

Please reach out to Safety and Health Services at 650.821.7889 for any questions regarding the temperature screening process.  For questions related to the return-to-work protocol, please contact Human Resources at 650.821.2000.