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Boarding Area A Opening

After careful review of current Airline schedules for August as well as a review of anticipated Airfield/Taxiway construction that will impact access to some Boarding Area G gates, we have decided to reopen the A gates on Tuesday, August 18, 2020. This timing provides for adequate staff and reactivation planning prior to the start of any construction activities around Boarding Area G.

Since Boarding Area A has been closed since April 1, 2020, we will be establishing a working group with multiple stakeholder involvement to insure the A Gates are operational and ready for use. The team will include stakeholders from Planning, Design and Construction, Airport Operations and Facilities, Aviation Management, Revenue Development, ITT, SFOTec, TSA and CBP. This team will evaluate schedules for Boarding Area A gates to efficiently schedule flights in a way that will allow for strategic staffing and concession access. We will also review Boarding Area G gates for construction impacts.

As the team develops schedules, we will communicate appropriately to the Airlines who may be impacted.

Thank you all for your partnership during these unprecedented times.

Airport Duty Managers are available to support your daily needs and can be reached directly at

650.821.5222. Should you need specific assistance, please reach out to:

  • International Operations – Ed Barnes, SFOTec at 650.821.0402
  • Permits and Facilities – Javad Hadizadeh, Aviation Management at 650.821.4525
  • CBP, TSA Checkpoint, Terminal Systems and Construction – Eva Cheong, Airport Services at 650.821.5221
  • Airside and Aviation Security Services – Ralf Ruckelshausen, Safety, Security and Airside Services at 650.821.5048.