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Be CyberSmart



October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and during this month, SFO employees are reminded to do the necessary work to stay safe and secure while online.

If you Connect IT, Protect IT.

Each of us is responsible for the security of our computers and devices. Hackers attack every 39 seconds – or 2,244 times - each day. And, 46% of all organizations get their malware through emails. Our vigilance helps keep SFO and San Francisco a safe digital city. The delivery of critical services like food, medical care, transportation and more to San Francisco and the region relies on software and the internet.

3 Popular Myths Debunked.

  1. "My data isn't valuable. Attackers only target people with money or power."  Cybercrime can happen to anyone. In fact, hackers are hoping someone will overlook just how important their information is. Something as minor as one password, secure code or clicked link can turn into a gaping vulnerability for an individual or an organization.
  2. "Only technology experts need to worry about cybersecurity."  The login for any account, no matter how insignificant, can result in a major loss of data, money or the ability to use systems critical to life in San Francisco, which puts all staff on the front line. The Cybersecurity team is here to help with safeguards and educational tips, but cybersecurity is everyone's business.
  3. "When a computer slows down, this means it is old and should be replaced." A lot of things can cause a computer to be slow — including malware. Or, more commonly, out-of-date software with dated security features vulnerable to cyber attack. Should a device begin to operate unusually slowly, check in with a department IT administrator. 

What Can You Do?
All City of San Francisco employees are required to complete a mandatory Cybersecurity Awareness Training by the end of this year. As threats increase and grow more sophisticated – especially for government employees and their technology – it’s important for City staff to stay up to date. The City offers a short course that will help employees recognize and avoid new threats. Sign up and check this off your list today!

Cybersecurity Training