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SFO Conducts Cyber Security Exercise to Battle Ransomware Threat

cyber tabletopOn Monday, March 26th, SFO's Emergency Management (EM) department, in coordination with the Information Technology and Telecommunications (ITT) department, conducted a cyber security exercise designed to test the Airport's response to ransomware threats. The exercise tested our current processes and procedures as well as the technical expertise of our employees under controlled stresses.  The exercise was successful in proving that the Airport stands ready and capable with the right talent and processes in place to combat cyber threats, while also allowing us to retool and rethink strategies moving forward.  

Larry Mares, Manager of SFO’s Emergency Management department said "It was incredible to watch our ITT teams work through a very difficult scenario.  Their ability to process information, isolate the threat and work to restore our capabilities was impressive".  

SFO’s EM department works to promote and facilitate the readiness efforts of the Airport community to respond to and recover from expected and unexpected risks in an organized, efficient manner, providing safety and comfort through preparation and mitigation.