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2020 Census


Have you filled out your 2020 Census? In San Francisco, 150,000 households have not yet completed the census, and the deadline is less than 4 weeks away.

The census is incredibly important to our daily lives, and the results of the 2020 Census will affect each of us and our region for the next 10 years. As outlined in the U.S. Constitution, we conduct a census every 10 years to count every person living the US and the five U.S. territories. Our country has been collecting this data since 1790!

The data from the census guides lawmakers, business owners, teachers and many others in how they provide services, products and support for us and our community. This includes informing the distribution of more than $675 billion in federal funds to states and communities each year for things like health care, food assistance, and infrastructure. The results of the census also determine the number of seats each state will have in the U.S. House of Representatives, and they are used to draw congressional and state legislative districts.

Thanks to those who have already completed the 2020 Census. If you haven’t responded yet, it is easy to complete online at, by phone, or by mail. It takes just a few minutes and your responses are strictly confidential.

Visit to begin. You can complete the census online or by phone in 13 different languages: English, Spanish, ChineseVietnameseKoreanRussianArabicTagalogPolishFrenchHaitian CreolePortuguese, and Japanese.