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Read the latest air travel news that impacts SFO Stay informed with what is happening in the aviation industry as it relates to SFO. SFO Connect now features ten of the most relevant daily news stories that impact air travel business and the Airport. Articles are viewable via link, and each article will be available for one month. Visit https://sfoconnect.com/news-clippings to view the latest air travel news. Current Highlights: SFO flight loses title as world's longest, but it's up for debate What Business Travelers Need to Know About Trump's Travel Ban U.S. Airline Industry Taking Off With...
Dudleya brittonii is a succulent plant in the Crassulaceae family. Native to Baja California, it can also found growing on cliffs and bluffs along marine-influenced areas of Oregon, California, Arizona and Nevada. The leaves of Dudleya brittonii are distinctive for their chalky white “wax” covering. This wax attracts water and coats the drops on the leaves, which prevents their evaporation. Dudleya brittonii requires good drainage, no summer irrigation and protection from frost. There are stunning examples of this winter beauty along West Field Road in front of the Engineering building, and...