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Building Inspection & Code Enforcement

The Building Inspection & Code Enforcement (BICE) section enforces the California Building codes, Title 24 and ensures that all of the Airport buildings and structures are constructed in conformance with all applicable fire life safety codes and standards. BICE provides plan checks and inspections of all Airport and tenant building construction, enforces all code requirements, monitors construction activity, ensures contract compliance and coordinates construction to minimize its impact on Airport operations. In addition, BICE oversees the Airport’s Life Safety Program, ensuring that the Airport meets all codes for Fire Suppression System NFPA 13, Fire Alarm Systems NFPA 72 and Smoke Control Systems NFPA 92.

BICE is committed to serving SFO and the general public by ensuring that life safety, property and public welfare are safeguarded, and to control the occupancy of all buildings and facilities in SFO through effective, consistent and safe code interpretation and inspections.



648 West Field Road, Level 2, Room 122